What is The Deal With Terry Ohms?

A Birmingham, AL native, Wes McDonald remains a Birmingham resident and operates out of the sleepy town that is rumored to be waking up. In the late nineties, having zero record releases under his belt, McDonald moved from Birmingham to Athens, Ga, where he did a 6 year residency. He released his first solo album, Alarm Clock Recordings, in 2000, and in the process, formed The Ohms with fellow former Tuscaloosa musicians, Jeff Buckley and Mark Evces; and South Carolina's Andrew "the Fidldlin' Heatwave" Heaton. The Ohms became a local favorite in Athens, and toured all over the southeast. The Ohms released 2 records, Electrical Resistance and If you don't Think I Love You . . .

Amidst the success of The Ohms, McDonald continued his solo work, recording two more albums, 2001's Chandelier, and Cutting Up Rocks in 2002. The release of Cuttin' Up Rocks coincided with McDonald's return to Birmingham, the end of The Ohms, and a reunion with his former Birmingham mates from wayback, Matthew Jackson, Drew Davis and Jake Waitzman. This lineup made up the Wes McDonald Plan, and McDonald's venture back into the Birmingham music scene had begun.

Soon after, McDonald released The Guest, on Birmingham-based indie label, Skybucket Records. “Touche”, a song from this record, earned the opening slot on the Birmingham music scene double-disc compilation, Low Dose Exposure, put together by Skybucket Records chief, Travis Morgan. During this time McDonald and the Plan toured a lot, including a 2005 showcase at SouthbySouthwest. 

1:50 in the Furnace, a tawdry break out rock album produced by Ken Coomer (of Wilco fame) and Charlie Brocco. McDonald would later call this album pivotal, and say that the experience of working with Coomer and Brocco greatly improved his approach to making music.

As 1:50 in the Furnace sank in, Wes was busy making an ep with his Alaskan buddy (in his own mind), Terry Ohms. Terry Ohms plays Wes McDonald released in October 2006, is an 8 song ep that comes out of nowhere and as McDonald puts it " . . . is a taste of much more to come from Terry Ohms.

All this time, McDonald was teaming up with Lester Nuby (Verbena), Jake Waitzman, and Keelan Parrish to form a band. That band is VULTURE WHALE, whose first record is due out in 2007. McDonald says of his new band, " I'm excited about our new record, but I'm totally stoked about the bumper sticker."

Vulture Whale played many a rock shows, including multiple appearances at CMJ and SXSW. To date, VW has put out 4 fiery records : Vulture Whale, Vulture Whale II, Bamboo You, and Long Time Listener, First Time Caller.

In 2012, Terry Ohms’ second offering, What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean? came to town featuring the infectious, “Hey Kid”.

Terry Ohms returns in 2014 with the Get’s Emotional ep.

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